"Merry Month of May" is BS

I appear to have taken Ted Lasso’s advice to have a “goldfish brain” seriously. Every year, the second half of May is a mad scramble with deadlines and kid events and end-of-the-college year stuff. Somehow, by June 2, I’ve forgotten what it was like, which means that I get to be shocked1 all over again the following May by how much of a scramble it is.

All of that is a long way to tell you that I haven’t been doing much during the past two weeks other than trying to stay just ahead of where everyone requires me to be. This does not lead to deep thought2 about much of anything other than: May is a kick in the head.

So, instead, some snack-sized tidbits to nibble on:


shocked, I tell you


or whatever it is I do


this is not my first (or second or third rodeo) when it comes to talking about how women view their bodies. Kite and her twin, tho, come at it from an angle that might work and I am (as the kids say) here for it.


Related: Jean Kilbourne has done amazing work and you should pay attention to her. Here’s her TED talk, just to whet your appetite.


Mostly because I’m about to leave for/am in Florida to visit my mom, who doesn’t live in The Villages but it is a topic of conversation.


But if you want to see for yourself, it’s on Hulu.


(and realize I’m especially grumpy this week)