Many Things Make a Newsletter

I have a tendency to collect links to stories that I find notable in some way, which I then foist off on unsuspecting readers over on my blog.1 This is really just the modern version of something we’ve always done in my extended family. Rather than hand-off newspaper and magazine pieces,2 I just do it electronically.

Here, then, are some stories I think other people would find interesting:3


I have a blog, btw, over at For the last few months, it’s mostly been knitting projects and republications of various newsletters. But there are years and years of fascinating content over there, if you are looking to kill some time.


and the occasional book


not a story and blatantly self-promotional but here’s a podcast I co-hosted with Sarah about running and writing over at Another Mother Runner. It’s a good one.


the word “interesting” is doing a lot of work here but I can’t think of a better one so …


And, no, publishers do not give two shits about your sales not being awesome because of a global catastrophe. Just in case you wondered.