All Killer, No Filler

(Note: no actually killers or talk of killing within.)

This will be one of those bullet-point filled newsletters because there nothing one could consume media-wise has dominated by brain this week.1 My brain will come back because it always does but until then some quick hits.

So there are some quickies. Were they as good for you as they were for me? Tell me what you’re enjoying, too.

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Hey! Did you know I also write books? There are three you can buy right now.


What *has* dominated my brain this week is some family stuff (nothing bad just unexpected (no, I’m not pregnant)) and the state of my career because I’m convinced that I’ll never write a book-length thing again because no publisher can see my genius and who reads books anyway? Add that to our ongoing pandemic and county gov’t stuff and, well, my brain is too occupied. Sunrise, sunset.


If you haven’t already, watch Killing Eve. It’s very good — and Shaw is very good in it.


My all-time favorite moment in the series involves Grosjean’s wife when he is going on about his ordeal. She’s got spunk, which I think you’d need to have a successful marriage with a Formula One driver.


His piece about obesity is worth every second it takes to read.